Meet the Team

Julie Aldering Medical Billing Services Julie Aldering, Director, Medical Billing Services
With over 20+ years of medical billing experience, Julie is one of the founding members of EMCAM. Her main goal is to ensure all of EMCAM’s client’s needs are taken care of. Julie’s diverse employment background has given her the edge and experience to handle multiple tasks simultaneously while maintaining a clear focus on making practices as successful as possible.
Kelly Myatt Medical Billing Services Kelly Myatt, Assistant Director, Medical Billing Services
Also a founding member of the EMCAM team, Kelly has over 20 years of medical billing experience. Her background and expertise in finance and accounting enables her to assist clients in getting the most out of their practice. Also, being a  loving mother of three, Kelly has developed the patience and ability to adapt to the many continuous changes in the RCM business.
Rob Aldering Archive Specialist Medical Billing Rob Aldering, IT and Archive Specialist
No team would be complete without the IT guy! With several years of experience in electronic storage and archiving, Rob has the daily task of ensuring everyone has what they need to complete their jobs in the most efficient way. Rob’s main goal is to make sure staff’s technical needs are ready and available at the click of a button.