Benefits of Services

At EMCAM, our goal is to provide affordable medical billing and practice management services that allow medical professionals to run the most efficient and profitable practice possible. We take care of the provider, so the provider can focus on taking care of their patients. Below are a list of our benefits.

  • Minimize down time from changing current medical billing methods
  • Medical billing is our prioroty and is completed daily
  • Faster payment of receivables
  • All money received goes directly to physicians’ office, not ours!
  • Increased collection rates
  • Cost per claim is much lower than staff billing
  • Eliminates the continuous need for office training, staff turnover and downtime
  • Streamline and scale office manpower
  • Allows professionals more time for their trained duties
  • Allows the office to focus on patient care
  • Eliminates the head aches of claim follow-up
  • Creates a buffer between the office and the patient should billing issues arise, but at the same time the patients feel as if we are in the office with the other staff members
  • Office can be linked directly to EMCAM and the office will have access to all information at all times.
  • Greater office organization and elimination of paper documentation
  • Eliminates the need for constant equipment and program updating
  • New practices will not have to spend less on billing programs that are difficult to learn and expensive to maintain.
  • New practices will not have to face salary issues of hiring/terminating staff
  • New practices will start from the beginning getting paid for services rendered, which if not handled property has proven to be a very costly mistake
  • Even the most established practices will benefit because the change is beneficial to all employees of the office, because current staff can be utilized in other areas of the office and patient care can have greater focus

At EMCAM, we have Practice Management covered!