Q.  How do you charge for services?

A.  Each practice is unique.  We have 2 different methods.  The normal industry standard is 6-8% of fees COLLECTED (not fees submitted).  Therefore, we charge a monthly percentage of fees collected.  However, to help calculate monthly expenses for your practice, we also charge a flat rate that is close to the percentage norm, and a rate that is fair for all.

Q.  Is there a noticeable amount of down time during the transition?

A.  No.  There is no noticeable downtime.

Q.  What’s involved in the set-up?

A.  We will handle the enrollment and set-up process.  We work in conjunction with our support staff in getting our offices connected to one another. We transfer any compatible demographic information. We submit the appropriate enrollment forms. We make sure there are minimal tasks for the practice to perform to make the transition as hassle free as possible.

Q.  How long does the set-up take?

A.  Typically the complete transition is 30 days.  We have been ready to submit claims in as little as 14 days.

Q.  What is your collection rate?

A.  We collect everything allowable amount from insurance companies, and we will follow the patient responsibility through to soft collections.  When all efforts have been exhausted, at that time, the decision on how to proceed will become the office’s responsibility.

Q.  Do you work old receivables?

A.  Yes.  We can work on old receivables and bring them current.  This gives us the opportunity to collect as much money as possible for the practice, and gives the practice a current status of all receivables.